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Tailored Presentations:

Dr. Bethel’s presentations immediately engage your audience with an entertaining, authoritative, and inviting style that encourages learning and growth. Sheila lays out clear guidelines and essential tools needed to be an effective leader.

Audience Take Aways:

  • Learn the powerful difference between Leadership and Management.
  • How to attract, retain, and engage good people.
  • Why your ability to inspire others is key to your leadership and their success.
  • How to build engaged dynamic teams across the table and around the world.

Inspirational Leadership Makes the Difference!

There has never been a time when inspired leaders are needed more. Leadership is not something conferred upon only the highly educated, the rich, or the powerful. You can be an inspired leader who makes a difference.

  • Have you ever wondered why people will walk through fire for some leaders or follow them anywhere to see where the heck they are going?
  • What sets these inspiring leaders apart?
  • What gives them that unique competitive edge?

Inspired Leaders have developed the ability to motivate others to do and be their best. They have found insight and wisdom to connect with people in ways that turn a team into a community, accountability into trust, and language into people bridges. Inspired leaders give followers the tools and skills to fulfill their inborn desire for achievement and contribution.

Sheila clarifies and identifies the essential 21st-century leadership qualities of competence, accountability, openness, language, values, perspective, power, and humility.

These qualities are a fixed beacon giving direction and purpose to every member of your organization. When you inspire others by leading with these qualities, they are more engaged, productive, and committed, which, in turn, grows your business, benefits your customers, and strengthens your brand.

Building Great Teams Across the Table and Around the World!

More than any other leadership quality, the art of team building encompasses all of your other talents. It is the catalyst to all you want to accomplish. The payoffs for great team building are enormous. The qualities of collaboration, trust, and camaraderie are invaluable in our tumultuous world.

  • How do you create an environment where teams are born and thrive?
  • Are you using the five servant-leader team-building skills?
  • Do your followers feel part of something bigger than themselves?

Times have changed, and so has the concept of team building. In a world where people feel increasingly disconnected and isolated, technology has given us excellent team-building tools. We must make sure that we continually make those human connections, no matter how far-flung the team is, across the office or the globe. Your people want to feel that they can make a difference.

Dr. Bethel expands thinking, stirs imaginations, and opens minds about being a team builder in our ever-expanding diverse workforces.

To build and sustain your team, you must concentrate on the five basics of servant-leader team building: directing, motivating, training, delegating, and reward and recognition. As a leader, you control the environment where teams are born, nurtured, and thrive.

Virtual Presentations For Your:

  • Established leaders, C-level people, managers, or board members.
  • Fast trackers with leadership potential.
  • General leadership for the whole team.


  • A 45 to 60-minute program.
  • Two-part same topic program.
  • A series of four to six weekly 45 to 60-minute programs.
  • Round table questions and answer sessions; for specific issues or general leadership growth.


  • Live or pre-recorded segments.
  • Interactive breakout rooms with polls and Q&As.
  • Multi-day segments.
  • Webinars.

Expertise and Experience:

  • Speaker Hall of Fame Member
  • National Best-Selling Author on Leadership
  • Successful Business Executive
  • Thriving Entrepreneur
  • PhD in Communications
  • International Professional & Business Women's Hall of Fame
  • Clients in 36 Countries
  • 4,000+ Presentations
  • 2,000,000+ Audience Members

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