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Sheila’s presentations are tailored to your needs using the eight leadership qualities described in her book A New Breed of Leader.

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Virtual Presentations For Your:

  • Established leaders, C Level People, Managers, Board members
  • Fast Trackers with leadership potential
  • General leadership for the whole team


  • Live or pre-recorded segments
  • Interactive breakout rooms with polls and Q&A
  • Multi-day segments
  • Webinars
Sheila uses Zoom for her programs. If you prefer another platform, she is happy to work with you.

Programs to Consider:

  • “Keep People Engaged and Moving Ahead During Turbulent Times”
  • “How to Build Cohesive Teams Around the Table and Around the Globe”
  • “Five Critical Leadership Qualities That Make an Enduring Difference”


  • A 45 to 60-minute program
  • Two-part same topic program
  • A series of four to six weekly 45 to 60-minute programs
  • Round table questions and answer sessions; for specific issues or general leadership growth

Leadership is not something you learn once and for all. It is an ever-evolving pattern of skills, talents, and ideas that grow and change as you do. To be a new breed leader who makes a difference, you must first have clear definitions of the eight qualities of authentic leadership:

Each of the eight qualities has core traits that affect the whole and link to the other seven qualities. There are a self-assessment quiz and an action plan for each quality.

  • Competence: Building Purpose
    This quality consists of four parts; intellectual, emotional, strategic, and instinctive. When you recognize that competence begets competencies and that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied, you’re saying to your followers, “We can learn and grow together.” With high competence, you build a sense of connectedness and a community of growth.
  • Accountability: Fostering Trust
    Accountability has three parts; Definitions, acceptance, and actions. At the heart of this quality is the familiar phrase, “The Buck Stops Here.” Very little in the realm of Leadership is more important than the trust that accountability generates. Leading is primarily about the relationship between the leader and the led, and thrust is at its core.
  • Openness: Generating Integrity
    Openness has three parts, mind and heart, dealings, and policies. Openness and its associated values of honesty and trust are bedrock qualities in your Leadership. Openness involves honesty and frankness that a leader lives by and demonstrates. The most important byproduct of openness is integrity and is at the heart of earning the right to be called a leader.
  • Language: Connecting Relationships
    Language has four parts; clarity, alignments, duty, and culture. The leader who understands the art and genius of simple language has a rare gift. Your words inspire or discourage, hurt or help, divide or connect, cause fear, or give hope. As a twenty-first-century leader, you’ll need to make the leap from good communication skills to become a wordsmith, the owner of our language.
  • Values: Forging Community
    Values has three parts; personal, organizational, and community. It is the most subtle, intangible, and elusive definition of the eight qualities. It has different meanings for different people under different circumstances. As a New Breed Leader, your highest value will be to forge a community with all your stakeholders. Whether you are an established leader or a leader in the making, your values will be the foundation of everything you do.
  • Perspective: Establishing Balance
    Perspective has three parts; past, present, and future. An authentic leader understands the balance that perspective brings in harnessing all of the eight qualities. When you lead with your heart and head, you find that perspective, and the balance it generates yields a sense of promise, a sense of a better life, and a sense of progress that builds community and connectedness.
  • Power: Mastering Influence
    Power has two parts; personal and position. With personal power, you can accomplish much; without it, very little. Power used well holds the other seven qualities together and gives you the authority and clout you need to accomplish things. The primary benefit of using power wisely is that it shows followers that you can be trusted. When you earn trust, you gain the loyalty and respect you need to be an effective leader.
  • Humility: Inspiring Authenticity
    Humility has one part; it is a state of being. The most humble and influential leaders don’t even think about taking steps to be humble. They just “are.” Humility is the absence of arrogance. The validity you create when you lead with humility, not arrogance, is immeasurable; it generates the credibility to unite others. It brings people together with a sense of community and a set of shared goals.

We are in an era of limitless possibilities. No generation of leaders, at every level of society and across the globe, has had such an opportunity to solve our most significant problems and bring people together to work and live in a safe and harmonious planet.

Expertise and Experience:

  • Successful Business Executive
  • Thriving Entrepreneur
  • Ph.D. in Communications
  • National Best-Selling Author on Leadership
  • Speaker Hall of Fame Member
  • International Professional & Business Women’s Hall of Fame
  • 36 Countries
  • 4,000+ Presentations
  • 2,000,000+ Audience Members

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