Sheila Murray Bethel, PhD
Global Clients

Sheila has been engaged by organization stretching literally around the world. Below is a representative sample.

The U.K.:

The Dorchester Collection Hotels

“I am most grateful to you for the wonderful contribution you made to our Executive Conference. The feedback has been very positive and I look forward to seeing the things you talked about being implemented in the hotels.”

– Christopher Cowdray, CEO

National Chapter for School Leadership (NCSL)

“Sheila, thank you for your inspirational presentation. You managed through your enthusiasm and energy to convey a message which was understood across three continents in one session!”

– Trevor Summerson, Program Director



General Electric

The Country of Poland

“May I on behalf of the President of the Republic of Poland convey to you his sincere thanks for your help to Poland, especially in the field of the manager’s training. I wish to assure you that Mr. President is being constantly informed of and highly appreciates every activity, which enables Poland to improve her difficult economic situation.”

– Janusz Ziolkowski, Secretary of State

The Americas:


Phillip Morris Iberia


ALSTOM Brasil Energia e Transporter Ltda

“Thank you again for your excellent Leadership seminar. You made a real contribution to our development, both individually and as a team. We enjoyed very much your seminar and learned much about leadership, change management, values, and team building … we plan to them put into action immediately.”

– José Gabriel C. David, H/R Director
Power/Hydro Latin America & Brazil, Alstom Brazil


Treinamento Desenvolvimento Cultura (TDC)

“We are writing you to let you know that it was a great pleasure to work with you in Brazil, due to your high level of professionalism. Your performance was outstanding and you received from the audience a 100% of approval. We hope to have you again very soon in Brazil.”

– Andre Paulo Hermann, President


Canadian Professional Sales Association
L’Association Canadienne des Professionnels de la Vente

“CPSA’s two-day conference went extremely well and the feedback we have received has been very positive from attendees. Your session was an excellent start to two informative days and I’m pleased to give you a short summary of conference attendees response. The consensus was:

      ‘What a tremendous speaker!’

      ‘We would love to hear more of Sheila Murray Bethel.’

Again, thanks for your wonderful kick-off session.”

– Terry Ruffell, President

Manulife Securities

“She had the toughest spot – Saturday morning. Dr. Murray Bethel performed beyond our expectations. She energized the group, illustrating her points with excellent real-life examples and gave the audience practical ideas.”

– Stephanie Robertson
Manager, Marketing & Business Development

Asia and the Pacific:

Pro-Ma Systems Pty. Ltd. (Australia)

“The feedback from our people was absolutely fantastic and it certainly was a wonderful way to start the five day in-house Leadership Training our company provided for this group.”

– Val P. Fittler, Managing Director

Tupperware Australia Pty. Ltd. (Australia & New Zealand)

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for the positive effect you had on our sales force both in Australia and New Zealand. It is common for speakers to get an immediate response, however, the long term results that have been achieved through your training seminar is what makes the difference between an ordinary seminar and an extraordinary seminar. It is also what makes the difference between an ordinary speaker and an extraordinary speaker such as yourself. The fact that you invested the extra time to learn our business, know our ‘shop talk’ and understand how we think, cannot be ignored as part of your success. It is seldom that a speaker reaches 100% if their audience – you were able to do that. John F. Kennedy once said, ‘A rising tide lifts all the boats’. Thank you for being that rising tide in our organization.”

– Landis V. Haugen, President Tupperware South Pacific


National Chapter for School Leadership (NCSL) (South Africa)

“Sheila, thank you for your inspirational presentation. You managed through your enthusiasm and energy to convey a message which was understood across three continents in one session!”

– Trevor Summerson, Program Director

Expertise and Experience:

  • Speaker Hall of Fame Member
  • National Best-Selling Author on Leadership
  • Successful Business Executive
  • Thriving Entrepreneur
  • PhD in Communications
  • International Professional & Business Women's Hall of Fame
  • Clients in 36 Countries
  • 4,000+ Presentations
  • 2,000,000+ Audience Members

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