Sheila Murray Bethel, PhD
Virtual Leadership Speaker

“You lead first by example. Everything you say or do sends a message, sets a tone, and teaches people what to do or not to do.” … Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel, Best Selling author of Making A Difference, 12 Qualities That Make You A Leader

Sheila on Stage

Sheila’s message is timely, relevant, and grounded in current realities. She delivers real-world content for real-world results with an inspiring and refreshing approach to leading in our era of unprecedented change.

Sheila’s presentations immediately engage your audience with an inviting and authoritative style that encourages learning and growth. She lays out clear guidelines and skills of resilient leadership that can withstand tough times, including key concepts from her latest leadership book A New Breed Of Leader.

  • How has leadership changed in our post-Covid world?
  • Are you making the most of the leadership lessons learned from lockdown/working from home?
  • What is the critical difference between leadership and management?
  • How to attract, retain, and engage good people.
  • How to build engaged dynamic teams across the table and around the world.
  • How to inspire your followers to feel a part of something bigger than themselves?

With humor, warmth, and a blend of instantly useful ideas and concepts, Sheila challenges audiences to be their best.

“One insightful question is more valuable than a thousand answers.”

She translates her global experience into fundamental leadership tools and core values that help people convert information and knowledge into common goals and shared values that benefit their organization and add purpose and meaning to their life.

Sheila has dedicated thirty-five years of research, critical thinking, and study into the field of leadership. Her expertise in how and why adults learn comes from her groundbreaking work in designing a training model to recover brain function in disabled children.

International Experience, with over 4,000 presentations to over 2 million people in 36 countries, Sheila understands how to tailor her material for different cultures. She has worked extensively with translators to ensure her content and presentation meet each group’s needs and expectations.

Expertise and Experience:

  • Speaker Hall of Fame Member
  • National Best-Selling Author on Leadership
  • Successful Business Executive
  • Thriving Entrepreneur
  • PhD in Communications
  • International Professional & Business Women's Hall of Fame
  • Clients in 36 Countries
  • 4,000+ Presentations
  • 2,000,000+ Audience Members

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