As you consider the leadership pyramid ask yourself:

  • As I think about my leadership journey, what are my aspirations?
  • How do I see my leadership benefitting other people, organizations and society as a whole?
  • Is my vision big bold and audacious, or more modest?
  • Have I considered what it takes to be one of the New Breed of Leader we need to solve the challenges of the 21st century?
  • Will I set the standards of servant leadership that is at the heart of the guiding others in our complex world?

Role Models

Many leaders already exist who qualify as role models of the New Breed Leader. They are in responsible positions in every sector of business, in local, state and federal government, and in every enterprise and part of the country. Some are working in quiet, unnoticed ways, not yet getting the recognition they deserve.

Others are the “new breed in training,” preparing for positions of leadership. Some are young idealists just entering universities and the workforce.

Then there is the old breed of leaders who, if they have not already crashed and burned, soon will. #244004589 Image of Phoenix rising from the fire

Among them will be those who, like the mythical phoenix, will rise out of the fire and dust of failure, having gained invaluable lessons and wisdom by which to continue their leadership.

Who will be our New Breed Leaders of the 21st century? Who will take the world to better places than we have been before? Who will be the new stewards of civilization?

We don’t yet know. Renaissance men and women are rare. But there’s one thing for sure: they are emerging.

We’ve always been blessed with exceptional people who have the gift of leading us in ways that solve our problems and change the world for the better. They fall into four categories:

The Enlighteners

Image #297340176 (personal power)

The Enlighteners are the icons of humanity’s greatest progress. Their personal commitment to a cause, a movement, or righting a social wrong has always been their greatest strength. Their personal power gives them the inner strength to overcome adversity that would crush most people. That is why they have always stood above the other three categories of leaders.

The Creators

Stock image #103026424 change

The Creators are inspired geniuses. They are the men and women who create the new industries and organizations, cultures, theories, lifestyles and ways of thinking and living. They’re the change masters who see opportunities others do not. They take action while others wait for a better or safer time.

The Builders

Stock image #303331950 team builders

The Builders are the executives and CEOs who will take the work done by the Enlighteners and Creators and fashion existing organizations into long-term successful entities. They add new meaning to the old. They respect tradition while not being bound by it. They see a future and develop tools and people to move in positive directions, bringing everyone along for the ride.

The Sustainers

Stock image anchor #138496153

Last, but not least, are the Sustainers. They’re the team builders, consensus experts who have the special gift of making the organizational vision something in which everyone can take ownership. They lead by their skills of exceptional follow through. Without them, nothing will hold up under the pressures and challenges of everyday life. They’re the anchors who hold it all together so that the other three categories of leaders can continue their work. They are the long-haul–big-picture men and women.

Who are your role models?

Who are your role models? Are they; Sustainers, Builders, Creators, or Enlighteners? As you create your list of leader-role models use the four categories as fodder for exploration and inspiration to define who and what you are and how you will become a New Breed Leader. The world is waiting for you!

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